We choose our mission partners at the top of each year following a season of prayer, utilizing the following criteria as a foundation for selection.


1. We strongly support Christ centered missions who point to Jesus - this is our biblical example. Acts of kindness and generosity, while of some value, are insufficient in themselves without a knowledge of Jesus. Special attention is given to those ministries possessing a 501c3 designation.


2. We are extremely wary of Christian vacations dressed up as missions. Churches in America spend millions of dollars in air travel sending people to countries where they do not know the language or culture to do work already being accomplished, and who themselves are ill prepared to articulate and preach the gospel - the very point of biblical missionary work.


3. While we do support some local mission organizations who may not meet all of the above criteria, we do so for the purpose of training potential missionaries and supporting our local community by showing the love of Christ to our neighbors.