Leadership at C3 Church Naples Florida

Wayne Neller - Lead Pastor - waynen@c3naples.org

The adventure continues. That's the way our Pastor views his walk with Jesus. God broke in to Pastor Wayne's world on March 7,1979 and from that day forward his life has been nothing short of a glorious adventure. A veteran of the ministry, Wayne has served within Traditional and Contemporary settings for nearly 30 years. As President of New Wine Ministries International, Pastor Wayne has helped establish and provide oversight to over 170 churches and pastors in 7 countries. Wayne is an author, addictions professional, and guest speaker who feels compelled to use any and every occasion and circumstance to share the incredible love of Jesus with which he has become so familiar. Pastor Wayne is a teacher who loves to "unpack" the Bible for those who are searching for real answers to real questions. Wayne will often be heard saying, "It's time to stop 'playing' church and 'be' the church.” He currently lives in Bonita Springs with his wife Marie.

Justin Hanneken - Teaching Pastorjustinh@c3naples.org

Justin Hanneken trusted Jesus as Savior & Lord in 1999 at age 17. He is husband to Karena for 12 years. Justin is dad to 5 kids: Gloria, Bryce, AJ, Cece and Kenzi. From 2003-2011, Justin & Karena served in youth ministry at Taneytown Baptist Church in Maryland. In 2004, he graduated with his bachelor's degree from University of Maryland Baltimore County in Religious Studies. In 2012, he graduated with his Master's degree in Youth Ministry Leadership from Huntington University. Currently, Justin serves as a missionary with New Mission Systems International in Ft. Myers, FL. He leads Ends of the Earth Cycling, a ministry that exists to promote and resource global youth ministries. To date, Ends Cycling has hosted 23 Christ-centered bike rides, with over 400 participants, and have raised almost 1/2 a million dollars for missions. Justin began serving as Associate Pastor at C3 in July 2015. In mid-2017, he transitioned to a part-time Teaching Pastor role. He and Karena are excited to be part of a Real Church for Real People. To God be the glory!

Gene Simco - Worship Arts Director - genes@c3naples.org
Gene Simco

Gene grew up in a musical household and has a passion for arts and media; having a Father who was a church organist, he began playing musical instruments at a very young age. Gene began a professional music career in his teen-age years as a guitarist and singer/songwriter. His musical career was put on hold to pursue a career in Martial Arts where he became a successful gym owner and published author who was featured in several books and DVD series. In 2013, he was called from martial arts to ministry. Gene has since devoted his life to Christ and spends the majority of his time using his professional knowledge of music and media to serve at C3 Church. Gene is studying to become a pastor and is referred to as a "PIT" or Pastor in Training here at C3. He lives right here in Naples with his wife Heather and daughter Sophia. 

Karalee Griffith - Children's Directorkaralee@c3naples.org

When Karalee was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up it was tie between becoming a nurse, teacher or a missionary.  Again in high school Karalee was faced with that very same question again, this time she had figured it out.  After spending time in the Estero Fire Explorers Karalee found her passion in Emergency Medicine and decided to pursue that path.  In 2014 Karalee graduated from Estero High School and was awarded the Fire Chiefs Association Scholarship which she was able to use toward EMT school.   She is now enrolled at Florida South Western State College working toward her degree in to become a traveling nurse.  In addition to finding her passion in helping people and her love for children she spent time working as a nanny before being called in her current position as secretary at C3.  She is now not only fulfilling her dream of becoming a nurse but now also as a teacher as the Children’s director with the wonderful opportunity to bring and share God’s love into young children’s lives.

Dane Cunningham - Youth Director - danec@c3naples.org

Dr. Dane came to Christ in March of 2010, while in graduate school in Iowa. After opening his practice in southwest Florida, the Lord called him to ‘step out in faith’ and get more involved serving at C3. Doing so has paid dividends in his faith, marriage, and business. He is blessed that God is constantly working on him to give, love, and serve out of abundance. Dr. Dane’s goal with the C3 teen group is to arm young people with the logical and reasonable foundations of biblical Christianity, and to focus on the stability, peace, and confidence brought to one’s life when founded on biblical truth. In addition to youth ministry, his passion is for Christian apologetics, including evidence for the New Testament, the Resurrection, arguments for God’s existence, and the intelligent design inherent in His creation. Dr. Dane is the clinic director at Simply Spine Centers in Bonita Springs, specializing in non-surgical solutions for back and neck pain, along with his wife Dr. Carrie who specializes in pediatrics and pregnancy. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, cooking, karaoke, and riding his Harley.