Honor Message Series - January 2015
Overall Theme:  Today's culture has done a great job at ruining the concept of honor. We have confused it with respect. We think honor is something we can withhold from someone based on their performance. Based on how much we like them. But that's not biblical honor. In the Bible, honor is weight. Honor is value. And it's something freely given. Let’s create a culture of HONOR! 

The Worship of Honor (January 11th)


  • Scripture: Malachi 1:6 – 2:1


  • Theme/Brief Description: The word honor is mentioned, in some capacity, 195 times.  Honor is a wonderful and beautiful way to worship the Lord.  It is also a command in the scriptures! Let’s learn to worship our Lord through honor.   



Love through Honor (January 18th)


  • Scripture: Romans 12:9-10


  • Theme/Brief Description:  The natural outflow of love is honor.   Think about that statement again…the outflow of love is HONOR!  To honor something or someone is to value it or esteem it. 



A Culture of Honor (January 25th)


  • Scripture: Isaiah 6:1-4; Luke 14:7-11  


Theme/Brief Description:  Our world can use more honor.  Our schools can use more honor.  Our city can use more honor. Our relationships can use more honor.  Our church can use more honor. Let’s change the atmosphere and create a culture of honor! 1 Peter 2:17 calls us to “Honor Everyone