Adult Education at C3 Church Naples

Have you ever found yourself wanting more? Are you regular in your attendance of worship and study of God's Word yet feeling as though something is missing? Does the thought of taking your faith to the next level get you excited?

This is an opportunity for you...

In addition to weekly Bible Studies, we also have a unique program called "SOT" or the School of Theology.

What is the School of Theology?


The School of Theology (SOT) is a program offered by New Wine Ministries and taught by Pastor Wayne Neller, Lead Pastor here at C3. SOT is comprised of five sessions, each session lasting 26 weeks. In SOT, a student is exposed to over 20 world-famous authors, gains the ability to analyze and understand complicated sections of Scripture, is enriched in his/her understanding of the basics of the Faith, receives intentional instruction regarding methods of study, acquires a significant increase in biblical knowledge and is equipped to minister, through a variety of means, the Good News of Jesus Christ to a very confused world.


Who can participate in the School of Theology?


Anyone who is hungry to know and love God more. SOT was birthed in response to a well-spring of individuals, who came from a variety of religious and educational backgrounds, simply wanting to grow in their faith.


How much time does the course of study require?


The original class completed the course work within the constraints of each 26-week session by devoting some 5 hours a week to the study. Now, however, you can set your own pace! You decide how quickly you move through the material based upon your schedule. Pastor Wayne is always available to answer questions via e-mail.

2018 - 2019 Semester Begins on October 11th and ends on March 21st