Decisions, Decisions

January ‘14



Overall Theme: Where should I go to school? Who should I marry? What job should I take? When should I retire? Should I move?  In Decisions-Decisions, we study the dynamics of decision-making, how to seek God's will in uncertain circumstances and how knowing God doesn't mean we get to know the details of our future.

We Need Guidance (January 5th)


  • Scripture: John 16:5-15


  • Theme/Brief Description:  Through the scriptures it teaches us that we are need of guidance.  That left alone is a dangerous situation for us.  We are reminded in John 16 and other passages like Psalm 23 that the Lord is all the guide we need. Specifically when we need to make decisions.   




Making the Unclear, Clear (January 12th)


  • Scripture: Matthew 4:1-11


  • Theme/Brief Description: There is no denying that the “Enemy” who we call Satan tries to fog our mind.  He tries to make the things that are clear from God so unclear that we can’t make it out.  Jesus give us a great example, while he was tempted, on how the make the unclear, clear again!